Aug 4 2023

Abstract Submission Opens

Oct 6 2023

Abstract Submission Closes

Oct 27 2023

CRA Membership Early Bird Registration Opens

Nov 3 2023

ASM Registration Opens

Dec 15 2023

ASM Early Bird Registration Deadline

Jan 19 2024

ASM Registration Closes

Jan 31 2024

CRA Membership Early Bird Registration Deadline

Feb 2024

AHPA Pre-Course

Feb 16 2024

Residents’ Pre-Course
(Day 1 - Virtual)

Feb 23 2024

Review Course

Feb 28 2024

Residents’ Pre-Course
(Day 2)

Feb 28-Mar 2 2024

Annual Scientific Meeting

All registrations close at 11:59 p.m. EST unless noted.

Mobile App

In person attendees can download the Hopin mobile app prior to the conference to have access to polling, view the schedule, and chat with other attendees (in person and virtual). Access to the app will not be available until you receive your attendee access link 24 hours prior to the conference. Please download your app first, then click on your attendee access link to access the event. Virtual attendees do not need to download the Hopin mobile app (all you need is your attendee access link and Hopin will open in your browser).

Scan the QR code or click here to download.

Click here to watch a video on how to use the app


  • Turn on notifications so you never miss a session.
  • Tap “allow” to turn on notifications.


  • Personalize My Agenda by clicking on the bookmark beside each session you want to attend. The session will be added to the My Agenda tab. You can also click on the calendar icon to add it to your own personal calendar.
  • Happening Now will appear on the schedule when a session is live. 
  • Click on the happening now session on the schedule to enter the stage.  Autoplay is turned off on the mobile app for in person attendees. 
  • Attendees will be able to answer polling questions and chat with other attendees (in person and virtual).


  • Click on the chat, polling and Q&A tabs to participate.
  • Polling will be used throughout the conference. 
  • Polls will be available while you are on the stage tab.
  • Click on the Polling tab to see the poll when it is launched.
  • Results will be published after each poll.
  • Attendees will receive a session evaluation link via the app after each session.


  • Scroll on the Home page or click on the Explore tab (next to the schedule at the bottom), then click on Speakers to read a short bio for each speaker.


  • The Posters session will have in-person and virtual poster presenters (click here for list)
  • All the posters will be available on the mobile app for the entire conference.
  • To view the posters, click on the Poster # image and scroll down to view the pre-recorded video and poster.
  • Virtual presenters will be live during their assigned poster session otherwise you can send them a direct message (see instructions below).

Exhibit Hall

  • There will be in person and virtual exhibit booths.
  • To visit a virtual exhibit booth, click on the booth to talk to the exhibit booth representative or view materials.
  • Virtual exhibit booth representatives will be on screen when you enter the booth and will be available to video chat or you can chat via the chat tab.

Direct Message

  • Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner, click on the people tab and select the person you want to message.
  • Click on the envelope to read messages left for you (a red dot will appear if you have a message).

Stop by our Tech Table located next to the CRA registration desk. Volunteers will be available to help download our app or answer any questions.

Please direct any questions to Virginia Hopkins at

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